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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Apron Pot Holders

I made some apron potholders for Christmas gifts. One of these days, I'll post the pattern.

Darn it, they need a bow don't they? Erg. I wanted to be done!

Kinda Purdy.....I zigzagged the sides down and used clear thread for the pockets.

They are lined with Insulbright and one layer of batting. I don't like how the insulbright makes a crinkly noise, but at least they should reflect heat good. :o)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Jovial and Jelly Girl

                               Some of my favorite Squares...


The black is "Christmas Countdown" by moda

Trying to choose a border. I have two fabrics I thought might work.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vintage Red and White Potholders

Look at the TREASURE I found at the Antiques store! Some vintage red and white potholders. I've been wanting to make some, but now,... there's no rush.
I cleaned them with some biz. It got the stains out really well, but faded some of the colors. :P I should have been more patient and gone a gotten some retro clean. I know it works great. You soak the items for a couple of days in the sun to keep the water warm, but not too warm.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jovial Christmas fabric and Jelly Girl Pattern by Joanna Fig Tree

At Christmas time I like work on my Christmas Quilts. (of course) I started Jovial a year or two ago. I thought it would be cute to make sort of peppermint candies with it. Perfect with Fig Tree's Jelly Girl Pattern. At first, I took out all the black, but...
Later, I saw a picture with the black in it, and I really liked it, so I took out a few squares and added some black from a similar line!

Here's how the blocks go together. No "Y" seams!! Those are dreadful.
Now, if just had some leisure time to actually sew....

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! One of my Favorite Fall Quilts! Fall Festival by Nancy Halverson

Still one of my Favorite Fall Quilts! It's fun to go back and look at one of my first quilts. I just love the pumpkins and the little boys pants. The purple fabric on that little girl. The sunflower button on her hat. ;o) Can you see the applique stitching? This is what prompted me to get my brother sewing machine. This block was appliqued with a shortened hem stitch on my old, old heavy duty metal machine.
 This corn on the cob block was hemmed with the blanket stitch on the brother. Much better!

                               Turkey! still one of the best pumpkin fabrics I've ever had. (background)

I love the baskets with their little button grapes. Those blocks were so fun to make.

I don't remember who's idea is was to put the rooster button in the barn!

This block I altered. I wanted some wool felt and acorns in this quilt. That means I can't wash it, but - oh well. If I had it to do over, I might do those vines a little different. ;o)
In this block you may be able to see the machine quilting. Straw colored leaves and meandering.

School houses! and I always love flying geese block trees.

I added some wool pennies to the this quilt in the centers of the sunflowers. love love love !

Here's another block and that motivated me to get another sewing machine that did a prettier satin stitch. Maybe you can see how uneven the edging is? maybe not. :o)
Ta-Da! Fall Festival by Nancy Halverson and me!