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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vintage Rose Quilt - Grandma Wins

 This month on mother's day would have been my grandmother's 100th birthday. It's a good time to share some of her quilts. When I first saw these vintage, antique quilts, I thought: "Wow. Grandma wins." These are the most gorgeous quilts I've ever seen! I am making a wedding quilt for my son. His fiancĂ© asked for pink flowers. I remembered that my grandmother had made some flowers quilts and thought I'd like to see her quilts for a pattern as to how to place my flowers and vines. I asked my aunt for some photos. I felt immediately as though my grandmother was doing a little quilting show and tell with me like I do with my friends now. She wanted me to see her quilts. I feel her watching over me as I make my sons quilt.  I'll post that in July, after I give it to them. I even used her thread (on an old wood spool) as it was the only pink I had that matched these vintage colored fabrics. It's been a neat experience.
This is the famous rose quilt. ;o) It's all hand turned applique and hand quilted. Apparently, it was a pre-printed kit. The other quilts were expanded off that idea.
I love the quilting and the neat binding.

 This one is called the "Dogwood" quilt.
beautiful feathering and crosshatching....

the "Poppy" quilt

My mother made this a long time ago. It's quilted with polyester instead of cotton so it's puffier. It really shows off the quilting!
this is my mother's rose quilt she made many years ago.
spectacular hand quilting...