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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

String Quilt / Fresh Fabric Treats



I have been working on a string quilt. The fabrics were too different to use large squares of each, but when I put them together in narrow strips, the colors are gorgeous together!
Here is a block under construction. You start with a 10" square and lay each strip wrong side down on top of the last one and keep going til you get to the edge. Then trim the strips off by the original square on the back side.

It's almost more fun to look at the individual blocks.

Most are a mix of turquoise and pink.

Some have a color theme like turquoise and brown.

or pink and green...

Love the surprise mustards and large Polka Dots!
dog scraps in this one... :D

green and turquoise...

red and pretty

that large floral is on the back!

I threw in some browns and reds for color splashes...

all put together!!
                                Machine quilting some swirls on it with turquoise colored thread !
bound and quilted.