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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Ghastlies

The Ghastlies!
Since it's Halloween time, i'll share this quilt top. I haven't gotten around to quilting it yet, but so far...
this is a fabric line from a few years ago. 
I didn't intend to make it this big, but each and every "photo" on the wall is so much fun!

I tried to make them sort of photos hanging on a wallpapered wall.
I love them sitting down to dinner at the dining table.

the hammer... could you die?

of course, this one is great. the sewing circle...

i think the mouse border adds just the right touch.
I have some bugs on spider webs for the backing but i just haven't gotten around to quilting this yet!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cherry Pie by Joanna Figueroa Fig Tree

I finally finished this cherry quilt!! I did it because I wanted to try the neat quilting I saw done on Fig Tree's "Cherry Pie quilt pattern."  
Mine isn't as good as theirs, but still...
It took sooo long to quilt. but I just kept telling myself, this is what I did this for, it doesn't matter how long it takes. I dulled my quilting machine knife blade from all the stopping and starting and I had to had it serviced in the middle of the project, but hey...
This isn't her exact pattern, I sorta did my own thing. ;o)

The full photo


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Quilts for Friends!

                                               I made this hexie quilt for a baby gift.

                      I wanted to do something different so I used some eyelet and ric rac on the border.

JEEP Quilt!
My friend Denise made this quilt for her son who loves jeeps.
she had me quilt it for her.
In trying to think what I could do thematically on the top and bottom borders, which were plain at the time, I thought... wouldn't tire tread be fun?

I ended up asking her if I could appliques some black tire tread on it instead of just quilting...

It turned out really fun!!
2 days later, I saw this while I was in traffic! Hey, I recognize that! I thought that was fun!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mary Engelbreit and Yellow Brick Road

I finally got around to doing a Mary Engelbreit quilt with some of the fabrics I've been collecting over the years. Holly Holdermans last line Pam Kitty reminded me of ME and so I got inspired. I used some of both fabrics.
This is that good ol' Yellow Brick Road Pattern.
There are 3 different blocks in yellow brick road: They are all 9".
This one.
this one....
and this one....
You put them together randomly-ish and it looks like this:
I put a border on it that I saw on one of my ME notepads.
It was a lot of fuss to applique on all those little black tear drops...;o)
and there it is!...









Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Flag Quilt

I finished my "Summer Flag" quilt just in time for the 4th of July this year.
I'm not very good at taking pictures of the construction phase, but i got one....
here are the flags pinned together in groups: a shield, and 2 stripes. It's funny how some fabrics go together perfectly and others, definately not. But my favorite quilts are scrappy quilts and as long as the pile of fabrics looks pretty together, it seems to work. That bright blue in the flag that's done, was too bright, but I was determined to use it anyway. I think it worked.

The inspiration quilt came from pinterest. I don't know who originally made that one, but I was inspired to try the pinks and yellows and pastels in a flag quilt. i used fabrics from my stash. Some of my very best. It was a little scary when it went through it's "homely" stage in the middle. I'm telling you, quilts, as well as kids, have a homely stage. In the middle of construction, i am quite often sure it's going to come out ugly, But it almost always comes together when you put on the finishing touches.

This one is no exception. In fact, i really love it!!

Some of the large flowers in the shields were too pretty to cover with a star, so they're just plain.

It wasn't quite big enough, so i added some triangles in the borders. I machine quilted some swirls with very thin white bobbin thread so it doesn't show much. I need that to hide my flaws. ;o)

Wouldn't be summer without a white picket fence....

Bring on the lemonade!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4" Hexagon Quilt

Another hexie quilt! love them. Many of the these fabrics come from Bonnie and Camille lines, but I added some random fabrics from my stash too. These hexie's have 4" sides.
including some strawberries....
I've always loved the new grandmother's flower garden quilt pattern, so I imitated those colors....
here's how I do a hexie quilt.
I lay the hexies out on a bed sheet so I can organize the whole thing. Then I can roll it up in between sewing sessions. That way I don't have to rearrange every time I get it out.
Sew together first in columns, then sew the columns together. Those Y seams aren't so bad when the blocks are big. for more click here.
I did a little of everything in the free motion quilting.
Can you see it on the back?
see the little apples? so cute.