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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine / Heart / Friendship Quilt!

My friends and I did this friendship quilt back in 2009. We each did our own large squares and then did 2 squares for each other. The pattern was called "heart to heart". It came from an "American Patchwork and Quilting" magazine in 2008.
See the plaid in this heart? I had a hard time finding stripes and plaids for this. I fussy cut this plaid to make the binding so it looks like a stripe!
Here you can see that I hand quilted it. I used the blanket stitch on my brother to go around the applique.
I see Polka Dots!

I love the textured fabrics in this quilt.

The basket is actually woven!

Diana did this one.

I had to add white ribbon to some red and green striped fabric to get the red and white stripes I wanted.

 I love both yoyo hearts!

This is Annette's finished quilt. She asked for red and white, blue and brown so she could use her kitty fabric. It turned out really nice!

These are the squares Annette made for Tiffani and Linda

These are the squares Diana got from three of us.



Saturday, January 11, 2014

Finished Jovial Christmas Quilt!

Love love love how this turned out!!
I'm going to say those borders have POLKA DOTS!

LOVE the backing!

Fairly happy with the quilting!

i love what they did with the Jovial charm pack...

this is the pic that someone posted in 2011 that inspired my desire for some black. i like it whoever you are! wish i could find her blog and link it, but... no luck.

This is for you Annette! the kitty always has to help! so helpful.

Vintage Children Redwork Quilt

January is the month that you work on those neat Christmas Quilts that you 'thought' you were going to work on in December!!
After many years, I finally decided it was time to put this one together.
It's been stitched (by hand) for a long time, it just took me a while to make up some way to put them together. I wanted to be sure to show them to their best advantage you know?
After all that work.

Close ups:
Most of these I traced out of a vintage Christmas Story book for kids.


These last three, I got from Tricia Cribbs book.

Can't wait to put the border on!! It's gonna be big bows with loops connecting them.