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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cozy Christmas Quilt

 I've been working on Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas Pattern this year.
Lots of fun!
Here's the Free Pattern.
I changed up the fabrics a little from what she did. Check it out.
Under construction...
Pretty pastel snowman...

so fun!
UPDATE Jan 2018:
Quilted and done!
January is the month you work on the projects you wanted to work on in
December but didn't have time right?
My favorite part of the finished product is the striped inner border and binding (picture down below)
I backed this with white cuddle fabric/ minky. it's so cuddly and soft to lay under...


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Raincheck by Thimbleblossoms

I finished my Raincheck quilt! It's a pattern by Camille at Thimbleblossoms that used the
"april showers" fabric line
there's a free download of mini raincheck here.
have you ever noticed that sometimes the separate squares are almost cuter than all of them put together?


Love these colors!!
here's how I machine quilted raincheck...

Monday, October 31, 2016


It seems appropriate today to post my progress on the Ghastlies!
Framing each fussy cut photo...
with very crookedy borders!
can't figure out how to turn these right side up....

It seemed impossible to do the usual sashing when each square is so crookedy, so I decided to applique the framed squares on to a wallpaper looking background.
So I sewed the background together with using elmers glue to line up the design on the fabric just right.
I glued and pressed the edges of each square under 1/4"
then I layed the squares on the background and pinned them on.  

I'm sewing the edges of each frame down with clear thread and a blanket stitch.
Can't wait to finish it!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage Strip Quilt

Farm Girl Strip Quilt!
all quilted, bordered with diamonds and bound....
this follows up my postings of the individual blocks here and here...
cherry pie & baking day
 the standing mixer and hand mixer
wooly sheep 
I free motion quilted some green grass...heehee
tulips and one little piggy
Mama hens on chicken wire
 quilty barn and a close up of the border...
patchwork pumpkins, silo barn and tractor..
I tried quilting clouds on the blue sky...
this quilt was so much fun to make. so many cute blocks!