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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4" Hexagon Quilt

Another hexie quilt! love them. Many of the these fabrics come from Bonnie and Camille lines, but I added some random fabrics from my stash too. These hexie's have 4" sides.
including some strawberries....
I've always loved the new grandmother's flower garden quilt pattern, so I imitated those colors....
here's how I do a hexie quilt.
I lay the hexies out on a bed sheet so I can organize the whole thing. Then I can roll it up in between sewing sessions. That way I don't have to rearrange every time I get it out.
Sew together first in columns, then sew the columns together. Those Y seams aren't so bad when the blocks are big. for more click here.
I did a little of everything in the free motion quilting.
Can you see it on the back?
see the little apples? so cute.




"Painted Ladies" pattern by Fig Tree


 This is the "sundrops" line of fabric made into the "painted ladies" pattern.
It's super fun to make butterflies!
I added some fig tree browns in mine just to make it unique....
Auditioning backing....

so many beautiful fabrics go with this...
I thought of a border different from the pattern that would be fun...
the fabric for the border came from a bees and blossoms line, so it's sort of like my butterflies are flitting around honeycomb. :o)