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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rabbits Prefer Chocolate Quilt!

It's high time I posted my Rabbits Prefer Chocolate Quilt! Easter is almost here! This was one of the most gorgeous patterns ever made in my opinion. It's by Bunny Hill. I did it somewhere around 2011.

Here we are in the planning stages...

Now we're getting somewhere...

A good friend let me use some of her fabrics...thank you!!....chocolate rabbits with roses and paisleys on charming!

I love the bee trail fabric in the background here. dots! rasberries!

The cross stitch fabric and writing in the background here are genius! Polkadots!
This is probably my favorite block. Rabbits deliver easter eggs by...rooster!

Rabbits with paisleys! and tulips. Yummy butter yellow easy stripes and foot print background.

Have to have some chicks!!

Sweet, oh, so light pink button wheels on a chuck wagon full of eggs...

more cross stitch and a wood flower shaped button...sweet pink gingham.

Plaid bunny! Eggs! delicate rosebuds in the background.

teter bunny...dots and plaids...

wagon wheels bring easter eggs....can you see the foot prints in the white border? hee hee

race car bunny! and bendy tulips!

Here is a close up of the border...such gorgeous the raspberry fabric on the rabbit!

Here's a funny thing. I was literally two inches short on the binding. had to patch it with a similar color with stars!

You can see it on the front, but it's not too noticeable. Too funny! Anything is possible.
Here's the pretty roses on the back.
My Rabbits Prefer Chocolate quilt goes up every year at Easter and in the Spring!













Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Spring! Quilting Outside!

Last week, while the weather was still cool, I quilted outside in my backyard!
I did some hand quilting here and was lucky enough to have some friends over to enjoy sewing for an afternoon as well!
Sigh...with the water trickling, and a little breeze, it's like going to the spa...




Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vintage Quilt Show and my Urban Cowgirl Quilt. My OTHER Urban Cowgirl Quilt....

I went to a vintage quilt show last weekend. some of them were really neat. but there was one fun surprise.
I was amazed by the Queen Sized hexie quilt. It looked like this one. The Hexie's were one inch. Literally. ONE. INCH! Wow.
(picture borrowed from here caused I didn't take one. augh!)

There was also a very fragile yo-yo quilt in a glass case. So neat. Partly because it was obviously about queen sized.
(again, borrowed a picture! from this gal who took the quilt out of it's glass case when she saw it. I wonder if it was the same quilt?)

Loved this one!

I also really love Dresden plates. and the hand quilting.

But the fun surprise was seeing this one! I am working on that Urban Cowgirl pattern by Urban Chiks for my daughter to take to college. I was so surprised to see that that pattern must have originally been taken from this old pattern - Star Dahlia! My daughter and I so enjoyed seeing the original way of doing this quilt!

The new pattern is very 3D. This one has the flower petals actually pieced into the star. The circle is also pieced into the center so that the whole thing is only one layer - very flat. Looks like it was rather difficult to do.
Here is one of the Urban Cowgirl quilts I've done. You can see the daises here are 3D.
 Here are some pretty squares!!


there's the polka dots!

Here's the machine quilting.

The border quilted. And I added some felt to the centers so that the centers are puffy.