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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chubby Chicks Quilt

Here is my Chubby Chicks quilt.
I changed it just a little from original pattern. Colored triangles and no green border.

the little birds are so cute!
Polka dots!


"Flower Girl" by Thimbleblossoms Quilt with a stem!

Finished the Flower Girl quilt that I made with Cathy and Brittany.
It's a Thimbleblossoms pattern but we added a stem.
We started with these fabrics...
and added some reds and bright pinks...
Almost went with the large brown dots. I still like this....a lot.
so hard to decide.
Agonized over or brown....maybe both?
Echo quilting around the stem.

there's the polka dots...


 I thought this was a cute way to machine quilt the flowers in "Flower Girl"
You can see it best on the white...