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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4" Hexagon Quilt

Another hexie quilt! love them. Many of the these fabrics come from Bonnie and Camille lines, but I added some random fabrics from my stash too. These hexie's have 4" sides.
including some strawberries....
I've always loved the new grandmother's flower garden quilt pattern, so I imitated those colors....
here's how I do a hexie quilt.
I lay the hexies out on a bed sheet so I can organize the whole thing. Then I can roll it up in between sewing sessions. That way I don't have to rearrange every time I get it out.
Sew together first in columns, then sew the columns together. Those Y seams aren't so bad when the blocks are big. for more click here.
I did a little of everything in the free motion quilting.
Can you see it on the back?
see the little apples? so cute.




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