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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Urban Cowgirl by Urban Chiks for moda

                    Here is a great idea for 2 charm packs. Simple squares on the diagonal, but looks great.
                                                                  See the tutorial here.

I like the single squiggly line quilted down the sashing. ;o)
You can sorta see it in the upper right area.

Love the fabrics in this line!

I did my first feathered border on this quilt! I started with light thread but switched to dark so you could see it better.

Here's one example of  how I use rit dye on the fabrics in my quilts. See the narrow inner border there? that's the original color. It matches the lighter blue in the quilt nicely. But, I thought the darker blue in the line was a more pleasing color, so i dyed the backing with some navy blue rit dye. It changed it so it's closer to the dk. blue. 

Here's how i quilted the squares. You can see it better on the back. What would you call that? double tear drop machine quilting?

a better view of the machine quilted feather border.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh My Word Julie!!! Your Blog is delightful. I feel so bad that I hardly ever Blog anymore. Your quilts and suggestions over here are amazing!
I finished my Cherry Baby quilt one hour before Sara's baby shower. Ha! I MUST show you pics. It turned out so cute!!
Keep up the good work over here! : )

Julie said...

Yea for you! I'd love to see it! I bet it's gorgeous.

When I start to feel bad that I'd not doing more on a blog, I tell myself - it's just a blog - no pressure. Cause, my goodness, it creates a lot of work!

Sue said...

Do you have any scraps left in the Urban Cowgirl that you would be willing to sell? Thanks. -Sue

Julie Fisher said...

Sue, I hope you'll see this response. I don't see a blog or email I can respond too. :o) I'm afraid I don't. That was a charm pack and I didn't realize what a great line that was til it was all gone.