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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easy Shabby Chic Texas Star

 The Pattern "Sweet Starlet" by Basic Grey inspired me to try the texas star. I choose some gorgeous shabby chic fabrics.
Love these fabrics!
I free motion quilted swirls. pretty pattern...
Here's a bit of a tutorial....
Sew your strips together staggered...
cut on a 45* angle using the 45* line on your ruler lined up with the edge of the fabric.
do this with 3 different strips. assign a number to each of 5 fabrics. 3 is the middle one.
Sew them together being careful to match the corners.
To avoid a difficult Y seam here...
add strips to the bottom of each diamond like so.
the pieces go together like this.
Then like this. with corners added so it's now a square quilt.