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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Liberated Baskets

Making liberated baskets!
Here's a rough tutorial..
Make all your background squares the same height, but different widths. some skinny, some wide.
This one is 12 1/2" tall by 9" wide.
Cut in half at varying measurements.
This one happens to be at 6 1/4"
Cut a basket piece the same height as the bottom piece of background. 6 1/4" in this case.
Lay the basket square on top of the background. Cut the sides of the basket AND the background together at the same time at whatever wonky angle is pleasing to you.  That way they will line up for sewing. Here one side is cut and the extra piece of basket removed.
Cut the second side.

Discard the middle piece of background (that was under the basket) Then sew the basket and two sides together.
Use wonder under or your favorite applique method to applique the handles on the top half of the background. I used a straight stitch on my handles. Then sew the top and bottom together.
Wha-La! Lots of baskets....
some favorite baskets...

this one got a two colored handle...
You should be able to see the cute home machine quilting on this one.
Liberated Basket Quilt!


Monday, August 17, 2015

Rose and Vine Wedding Quilt in Pink and Navy

 We recently had a son get married! I can finally put up some pictures of their wedding quilt since they've seen it now. It was fashioned after one of my Grandmother's antique quilts. See that here. I've been wondering if blending the vintage rose quilt pattern and the navy modern lines really worked, but we've decided it's symbolic of weaving together the older generation and the new. :o)
First, the vines. I cut about 1" wide strips, folded them in half and twisted them.
Hand stitched the large flowers on.
wonder under for the leaves and other flowers.
some detail on the leaves! 

I love the navy ribbons, the vines, and the cross hatch machine quilting.
The six main pink roses are stitched down by hand. The rest are stitched by machine.

I did the quilting all on my juki TL-2000 home machine.
I attempted some feathering...
another view of the center and the cross hatch machine quilting.
cross hatching around the outside too. 
twisty vine around the inner border.
Feathering on the outside border.